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Joy is a renowned public speaker throughout North America, and is widely regarded for her unique ability to effectively deliver comprehensive and complex information in a captivating manner that engages the audience and sustains their interest throughout. Her professional multimedia and PowerPoint presentations are virtually unmatched and consistently elicit extraordinary evaluations and review from clients, participants, and students. She has presented on Cannabis subjects across the board for over a quarter of a century at numerous universities, conferences, symposiums and panels. Joy is well-known for her effective presentations to lawmakers and regulators, and she conducts continuing legal education seminars for practicing attorneys. Joy is a Guest Lecturer at Oregon State University and Seattle University School of Law.  

How Joy Works: In general, Joy is able to consider presentations and events that include reasonable travel expenses and payment of a speaking fee. These expenses and fees vary depending on a number of a factors, such as time-sensitivity, location, and the non-profit/for profit status and nature of the event or meeting. Joy is also able to present remotely via Skype and other platforms, and finds this method to be powerful, practical and beneficial to the collective carbon footprint.  Joy currently presents to law schools and most colleges and universities free of charge if presenting remotely or in person in the Eastern New York region.

To Contact Joy about a Speaking Engagement: Send an email to her at with basic information about your event and organization, and please include live links where possible.

Joy's speaking engagement and hempcrete workshop schedule
is always evolving, so check back  often for new dates! 


January 14-19, 2021             R-Future Conference for Ethical Entrepreneurs, Virtual Conference
                                             Hemp: The Permaculture Flower
​                                             Cannabis Panel 

February 9-11, 2021             World Ag Expo, Virtual Conference
                                             The Promise of Hemp & How We'll Get There from Here!

March 25-27, 2021               NoCo Hemp Expo, Denver, CO
                                             Hemp Innovation Challenge 2.0;
                                             Moderator: Under Construction: Building with Hemp
                                             Moderator: Industrial Hemp & the Fantastic Fiber 

March 30, 2021                    The Seminar Group, Seattle, WA
                                             Continuing Legal Education Seminar: CBD Considerations in the Pacific                                                           Northwest: Market Forecast

April 7, 2021                         The Cannabis Alliance, Seattle, WA
                                             Delta-8 THC Panel

April 15, 2021                       Cornell University, Virtual Webinar
                                             Hemp & CBD in New York Spring Update: Growing Hemp in New York
                                             Co-Presenting with Cornell & the NY Dept. of Agriculture & Markets

April 22, 2021                      Cornell University, Virtual Webinar
                                             Hemp & CBD in New York Spring Update: CBD Processing in New York
                                             Co-Presenting with the NY Department of Health Hemp Program

April 29, 2021                      Cornell University, Virtual Webinar
                                             Hemp & CBD in New York Spring Update: CBD Wholesaling & Retailing 
                                             in New York
                                             Co-Presenting with the NY Department of Health Hemp Program​

May 1, 2021                          New York City Cannabis Freedom Rally & Parade, New York, NY
                                             Hemp in the Empire State

May 6, 2021                         Western Washington University Cannabis Careers Summit, Virtual Conference
​                                             Cultivation & Agriculture Panel: Opportunities & Expectations in Hemp

June 11-13, 2021                  USA-CBD Expo, Atlanta, GA
                                             Hemp CBD is Changing Lives ~ What Consumers Need to Know about
                                             Quality & Safety before They Buy

​June 17, 2021                        European Industrial Hemp Association, Virtual Conference
                                             Global Update Panel: U.S. Market & Regulatory State of Play

August 14, 2021                   Boise Hempfest, Boise, ID 

​                                             Keynote: Delivering on the Promise of Hemp;
                                             Engage, Engage, Engage in the Process!

August 18, 2021                   Future of Cannabis, Virtual Conference

​                                             The Delta-8 Phenomenon and the Impact of Regulatory Loopholes on the North                                               American Cannabis Sector;
                                             Hemp Extract – State & Federal Regulatory Overview ​                                        

August 22, 2021                   Seattle Hempfest's Great Green Sweep, Virtual Conference 
                                             The Promise of Hemp: How We’ll Get There from Here;
                                             Hempcrete: Superior Performance & the Ultimate Insulation Material for                                                         Climate Change; and 
​                                             Moderator: Hemp Plastics & Biocomposites: Facts, Fiction & the Future

September 2-4, 2021           Southern Hemp Expo, Raleigh, NC
                                             Panel: Hey FDA - Regulate CBD Now
                                             Co-Presentation: Expungement, Equity & Industry Participation
                                             Panel: Farmer Coops & Networks

September 9-10, 2021         USHBF Hemp Build 2021 Conference & Fundraiser, Virtual
                                             Panel: Remembering Dion Markgraaff - Codes & Fundraising

October 19-22, 2021            MJBizCon, Las Vegas, NV
​                                             Regulatory Roulette: Federal and State Updates

December 1-3, 2021             Hemp at the Crossroads, Plainfield, IN
                                             Agenda Forthcoming


February 11-13, 2020            World Ag Expo, Tulare, CA
Jaw-Dropping U.S. History & Many Industries of Hemp;
                                              EmCee: Hemp Innovation Challenge
                                              Panel: Hemp Policy & Compliance

February 14-15, 2020            USA-CBD Expo, Las Vegas, NV
                                              CBD & the FDA Explained
February 25, 2020                 Hocking College, Nelsonville, OH

                                              The Jaw-Dropping U.S. History & Many Industries of Hemp; U.S. Hemp                                                            Authority™ Guidance Procedures for Cannabinoid Quantification &                                                                  Contaminant Testing

​March 2, 2020                       U.S. Hemp Authority™ at Natural Products Expo West®, Anaheim, CA
                                              U.S. Hemp Authority™ Guidance Procedures 2.0 ​(
Cancelled Due to Covid-19)

March 3-7, 2020                   Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim, CA (Cancelled Due to Covid-19)
                                              Future Ball Hemp Panel; and CBD Power Panel: Industry Experts Discuss CBD                                                  Shopper Insights, Retail Strategies & Consumer Education
March 24, 2020                     The Seminar Group, Seattle, WA, Live Cast
                                              Continuing Legal Education Seminar: CBD in Washington State: The 2018                                                        Farm Bill & the FDA IND Preclusion (Program Chair)
​​April 9, 2020                         State University of New York, Cobleskill, NY, Live Cast
                                              Industrial Hemp Production Lab ~ Federal & State Legal & Regulatory Update;                                                The Jaw-Dropping U.S. History & Many Industries of Hemp! 

April 22-26, 2020                 NoCo Hemp Expo Virtual EARTH WEEK Conference, Virtual Conference
​                                              Know Your Destiny: The Jaw-Dropping U.S. History & Fascinating
​                                              Industries  of Hemp

April 28, 2020                       CA-Hemp’s California Hemp Market Briefing, Live Cast
                                              Panel: CBD Hemp Market – Manufacturing & Retail Issues​

May 13, 2020                        Cannabis Insider Live with Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Live Cast

                                              Panel: Cannabis & COVID-19, Where Do We Go from Here? 

June 16, 2020                        Experience Hemp Summer Solstice, Virtual Conference
                                              Panel Moderator: Innovation - Technology Advances Across the Supply Chain

July 9, 2020                 U.S. Supplements & Nutrition Online Trade Show, Live Cast 
                                              ​Keynote: The U.S. Legal & Regulatory Status of Hemp-Derived CBD Explained

July 14, 2020                         Latino Science Forum, Live Cast

​                                              CBD’s Complex U.S. Legal & Regulatory Landscape Explained

August 4, 2020                      National Hemp Research & Education Conference, Live Cast
                                              Hemp Industries Panel

August 6-8, 2020                  NoCo Hemp Expo, Denver, CO (Cancelled Due to Covid-19)
                                              Agenda Forthcoming

August 14-15, 2020               Southern Hemp Expo, Nashville, TN (Cancelled Due to Covid-19)
                                              Agenda Forthcoming
September 16-17, 2020        Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition, Los Angeles, CA (Cancelled                                                    Due to Covid-19)
                                              Hemp Economy Opportunities in the U.S.: Green Lights & Challenges

October 4, 2020                    20th Annual Health Fair & Consumer Wellness Expo, Syracuse, NY
                                              Keynote Presentation: Hemp CBD is Changing Lives ~ What Consumers Need
                                              to Know about Quality & Safety before They Buy (
Cancelled Due to Covid-19

October 10-11, 2020             29th Annual Seattle Hempfest "Green Renaissance", Virtual Conference
                                              Federal Hemp Law & Regulatory Update; Panel Moderator, Hemp                                                                    Construction: U.S. Innovations & Supplies; Panel Moderator, Hemp &                                                              Regenerative Agriculture: Healing the Soil While Healing the World

October 21-23, 2020            44th Annual Provender Alliance Conference, Live Cast 
                                             CBD & Hemp Extract: Navigating the Legal & Regulatory Landscape
                                             for Your Business​
December 10-11, 2020         Ark-La-Miss Hemp Growers Conference, Vicksburg, MS

                                             State of the Union of Hemp

December 11-13, 2020          USA-CBD Expo, Chicago, IL
                                              Federal Hemp-Derived CBD & Cannabinoid Legal & Regulatory                                                                        Update (
Cancelled Due to Covid-19)

December 15-17, 2020          Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference
​How Hemp Changes Lives (and Maybe Saves the World?)

December 17, 2020               Cornell University “Foundations in Hemp Production,” Virtual Conference                                                        Federal Hemp Law & Regulatory Overview for Farmers (Cancelled Due to                                                        Covid-19)  



January 8, 2019                    State University of New York, Morrisville, NY
                                             Industrial Hemp Roundtable Summit: “New York State’s place in the                                                               National and international hemp markets; Opportunities on the horizon”
January 14-15, 2019             Caribbean U.S. Hemp Growers Conference, San Juan, PR
     Moderator: Legal Panel
January 17-18, 2019             The Seminar Group, San Francisco, CA
         Continuing Legal Education Seminar: The Business of Marijuana in                                                                   Northern California: Industrial Hemp Law & Policy Update         
February 8, 2019                  WeedWeek RECHARGE, Los Angeles, CA
      What's Next in Hemp

February 19-20, 2019           2nd Annual Tribal Green Symposium, Las Vegas, NV
                                             Industry Snapshot, Hemp: The Rich History, Present, & Future of Hemp                                                           with a Legal Update!​
February 25-26, 2019          Central U.S. Hemp Growers Conference, Rochester, MN
    Moderator: Legal Panel

February 28, 2019                KY Hemp Industries Association Annual Conference, Bowling Green, KY

                                             Hemp Industry Update 
March 6, 2019                      Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim, CA
​                                             The Hemp Industry Boom is Here: Navigating the Regulatory
                                             Landscape for Your Business 

March 28, 2019                    U.S. Hemp Authority™ Audit Orientation Training by HIA, Castle Rock, CO
Grower and Processor/Manufacturer Tracks
March 29-30, 2019              NoCo Hemp Expo, Denver, CO
                                             Moderator: Hemp Construction Panel     

April 17, 2019                       Rutgers University Hemp Comes to NJ, New Brunswick, NJ

                                             ​Opening Keynote: Past, Present & Future of Hemp

April 20, 2019                      Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors, Wappinger Falls, NY

                                             Cannabis & Culture with Alex & Allyson Grey & Joy Beckerman

April 25, 2019                      U.S. Hemp Authority Audit Orientation Training by HIA, Syracuse, NY
Grower and Processor/Manufacturer Tracks
May 4, 2019                          New York City Cannabis Parade & Rally, New York, NY

                                             Emcee & Speaker

May 28, 2019                        U.S. Hemp Authority Audit Orientation Training by HIA, Lexington, KY
   Grower, Processor/Manufacturer, and Brand Owner Tracks

May 29, 2019                       NORML FORML, New York, NY

                                             Engage, Engage, Engage!

June 3-4, 2019                     Eastern U.S. Hemp Growers Conference, Albany, NY
    Keynote: State of the Hemp Union

                                             Moderator: The Future of CBD Regulation in New York

June 5, 2019                         Long Beach Farmers Market, Long Beach, NY

                                             ​NYHIA Hemp History Week Education at the Market!

June 12-14, 2019                  MJBizConNEXT/Hemp Industry Daily Conference, New Orleans, LA

​                                             Hemp's Potential for Environmental Restoration ​

June 19, 2019                       Outdoor Retailer Expo, Denver, CO

                                             What the Hemp? Panel

June 20, 2019                       ValidCare Industry Thought Leader Round Table, Online Webinar

                                             ​Why Standards Matter

June 25-26, 2019                 The Seminar Group, Las Vegas, NV
                                             Continuing Legal Education Seminar: The Business of Marijuana in Nevada:                                                     Industrial Hemp Law & Policy Update
June 27, 2019                       U.S. Hemp Authority
Audit Orientation Training by HIA, Las Vegas, NV
                                             Grower, Processor/Manufacturer, and Brand Owner Tracks

July 9-11, 2019                     Healthy Aging APAC Summit, Singapore
                                             The Benefits of Hemp-Derived CBD and its Regulatory Challenges in                                                               APAC 

August 14, 2019                   NY Hemp Industries Association® Supply Chain Event, Albany, NY
 Opening Keynote: The Legal & Regulatory Landscape & Promising Future                                                         of Hemp!  Moderator: New York’s Legal & Regulatory Landscape of Hemp

August 16-18, 2019              Seattle Hempfest, Seattle, WA
                                             Hemp Revolution Panel; and “Use Your Power ~ Engage in the Process!” at                                                     All Three Stages
August 19-20, 2019             Western U.S. Hemp Growers Conference, Portland, OR
                                             Moderator & Panelist: Transportation Panel

August 21, 2019                   U.S. Hemp Authority™ Audit Orientation Training by HIA, Portland, OR
Grower, Processor/Manufacturer, and Brand Owner Tracks

September 4-6, 2019           MJBizConINTL, Toronto, Ontario

                                             Exploring Opportunities in the Global Hemp Market Panel 

September 7, 2019               Southern Hemp Expo, Nashville, TN
                                             Let's Talk Hemp Farm Symposium EmCee; Moderator: From Farmer to                                                             Farmer Panel
September 9, 2019              U.S. Hemp Authority
Audit Orientation Training by HIA, Franklin, TN
                                            Grower, Processor/Manufacturer, and Brand Owner Tracks

September 10, 2019            New York State Bar Association, Buffalo NY
Continuing Legal Education Seminar, Cannabis Law: Federal and State                                                             Overview of New York State Hemp Law

September 11-14, 2019        Natural Products Expo East, Baltimore, MD

                                             When the Going Gets Weird, the Weird Turn Pro Panel; The Hemp Industry                                                       Boom Is Here: Navigating The Regulatory Landscape for Your Business

September 25, 2019            New York State Bar Association, Albany, NY

                                            Continuing Legal Education Seminar, Bridging the Gap: Cannabis Update                                                        (Co-Presenting with Mitchell Pawluk, Esq.) 

September 26-28, 2019      Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition, Los Angeles, CA

                                            Hemp CBD is Changing Lives: What Consumers Need to Know About
                                            Quality & Safety Before They Buy 

October 7, 2019                   Cannabis Insider LIVE!, Albany, NY
          Agenda Forthcoming

October 14-16, 2019           National U.S. Hemp Growers Conference, Las Vegas, NV

                                            Keynote Presentation, Safety First: Play by the Rules or Don't Play

October 23-24, 2019           RAD Expo, Portland, OR

                                            Federal & West Coast Hemp Law & Policy Update

November 1-4, 2019            26th Annual Hemp Industries Association Conference, Charlotte, NC
Annual General Meeting Addresses;
                                            Master of Ceremonies for Keynote Sessions
November 5, 2019               U.S. Hemp Authority
Audit Orientation Training by HIA, Charlotte, NC
                                            Grower, Processor/Manufacturer, and Brand Owner Tracks
November 6-7, 2019            Hemp & CBD Market & Regulations Summit, Baltimore, MD
                                           Keynote: The 2018 Farm Bill & Its Implications on Industrial Hemp & CBD

November 25-28, 2019       Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance Annual Conference, Calgary, Alberta
International Panel

December 5, 2019               U.S. Hemp Authority Audit Orientation Training by HIA, Sebastopol, CA
                                            Grower, Processor/Manufacturer, and Brand Owner Tracks

December 6, 2019               Cornell Medical Professionals Forum, New York 
                                            Introduction to Hemp, Past & Present

​December 10, 2019             MJBizCon Associations Day, Las Vegas, NV
                                            Introduction to U.S. Hemp Law & Policy

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

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