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Joy Beckerman, Principal

Professional Hemp Consulting, Legal Support, Expert Witness & Educational Services

Over 30 Years in the Hemp & Cannabis Movements

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Joy's Professional Memberships
& Non-Profit Leadership Positions

Center for the Study of Cannabis & Social Policy 

President, Board of Directors

U.S. Hemp Roundtable
Board of Directors
Past Executive Vice President, Board of Directors
Past Chair, Law & Science Committee
​Past Chair, Federal Lobbying Committee

U.S. Hemp Authority
Past Vice President, Board of Directors
Past Technical Committee

Hemp Industries Association
Past President, Board of Directors
2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

2014 National Activist of the Year Award Recipient

Past National Board of Directors

U.S. Hemp Building Association
Member & Consultant

International Hemp Building Association
​Small Business Member

New York City Cannabis Industry Association


Joint New York City & Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry  Association 
​Regulatory Committee
​Lead, Hemp Regulations Subcommittee

Joy in the Fall of 1995 at her historic
​hemp store in Woodstock, NY

Joy Beckerman has been involved in the hemp movement for over thirty years, and her extraordinary knowledge and passion for this versatile, valuable crop is contagious! Joy is the Principal at Hemp Ace International, a Seattle-based consulting, legal support, and expert witness firm serving the global community; as well as host of the popular podcast Hemp Barons; and Advisory Board Member of Hemp Grower Magazine, the National Hemp Growers Cooperative, Environmental Living Industries and Colorado Hemp Works, America's first post-prohibition hemp grain processing facility. Joy has contributed thousands of hours to the hemp and cannabis movements across decades, using her grassroots advocacy, organizing, and professional legal skills to advance legalization and to educate the public, farmers, business owners, academia, lawmakers and regulators. A representative list of her historic body of non-profit leadership roles is to the right. After many years of service to the Center for the Study of Cannabis & Social Policy (CASP), Joy's volunteer energy focuses on CASP for which she now serves as President of the Board of Directors; and she takes great pride and pleasure in being a part of the Cannabis Museum’s editorial and production team.  

Joy opened the first hemp store in the State of New York, in Woodstock, in the early 1990's. She also led her first legalization march and rally at that time. Joy then relocated her family to serve as Secretary to the Vermont Hemp Council and to help develop the Vermont hemp retail industry on the heels of the passage of Vermont's first hemp bill in 1996. While continuing her work in hemp, Joy commenced an extensive dual career in compliance and complex civil litigation support on the heels of medical cannabis legalization in Washington State near the turn of the millennium, supporting some of the West Coast’s most distinguished attorneys at such firms as Dorsey & Whitney and Lee Smart. In addition to working on the high-profile Exxon Valdez and Enron cases against those corporations, Joy has been the Lead Paralegal for several multi-million-dollar civil lawsuits, including the largest municipal securities fraud litigation in the history of Washington State. Her vast professional and hemp experience well serves her roles as an effective advisor and respected voice and leader in shaping law, policy, regulations, standards, and ethics in the rapidly developing hemp industries. Joy is an internationally renowned public speaker, writer, and educator; and, in addition to conducting continuing legal education seminars for practicing attorneys, she regularly presents at conferences and institutions of higher learning, and frequently contributes to media coverage.  

Joy founded Hemp Ace International in 2014. Permaculture and regenerative agriculture are the foundation of Joy’s mission, and they play a fundamental role in her work and purpose. As the Principal at Hemp Ace International, Joy provides expert witness, legal support, consulting, and educational professional services, both domestic and foreign. Her engaging world class presentations are enhanced by her global network of hemp agronomists, breeders, researchers, manufacturers and experts. 

Joy received the Hemp Industries Association’s “2019 Lifetime Achievement” Award and “2014 National Hemp Activist of the Year” Award, as well as the 25th Annual Seattle Hempfest “2016 Regional Cannabis Activist of the Year” Award. She works with lawmakers and regulators at the federal level and in multiple states as a grassroots activist and advocate, both proactively and upon request. Educated stewardship of the valuable, versatile hemp crop and industries is Joy’s calling and driving force.