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QUESTIONS / GUIDANCE / INFORMATION: If you are an individual or company with questions related to industrial hemp, please go to the Services & Pricing page and submit payment for a 30-minute or 1-hour consulting session. You will be contacted within 48 hours of payment to complete scheduling with Joy.  Important Note About Pro Bono Services: This is the most exciting time to be involved in industrial hemp and all forms of Cannabis; and Joy - like her rare counterpart colleagues across the world - is balancing her vigorous professional, activist, writing, speaking, and family obligations. In order to manage these obligations, her pro bono services (which comprise approximately 70% of her work) are considered exclusively for State departments of agriculture, lawmakers, regulators, institutions of higher education, and North American Indigenous Nations.  

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Joy is able to consider presentations and events that include reasonable travel expenses and payment of a speaking fee. These expenses and fees vary depending on a number of a factors, such as time-sensitivity, location, and the non-profit/for profit status and nature of the event or meeting. Joy is also able to present remotely via Zoom, Skype, and other platforms, and finds this method to be powerful, practical and beneficial to the collective carbon footprint. Joy currently presents to law schools and most colleges and universities free of charge if presenting remotely or in person in the Eastern New York region. Contact Joy at (206) 383-6000 and send an email to her at with basic information about your event and organization. Please include live links where possible. 

EDUCATION, INSTRUCTION & WORKSHOPS: If you would like to hire Joy in person or remotely for private or group instruction, or to conduct a workshop, contact Joy at (206) 383-6000 and send an email to her at with information about your request. Please include live links where possible.       

PRESS / MEDIA / INTERVIEWS: If you would like to schedule an interview with Joy, please contact her by email or phone at or (206) 383-6000. Joy is also happy to consider co-authorship of technical articles on request.