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Joy is a renowned industrial hemp public speaker throughout North America, and is widely regarded for her unique ability to effectively deliver comprehensive and complex information in a captivating manner that engages the audience and sustains their interest throughout. Her professional multimedia and PowerPoint presentations are virtually unmatched and consistently elicit extraordinary evaluations and review from clients, attorneys, participants, and students. She has presented on Cannabis subjects across the board for more than 20 years at numerous universities, conferences, symposiums and panels. Joy is well-know for her effective presentations to lawmakers and regulators, and she conducts continuing legal education seminars for licensed, practicing attorneys. Joy is a Guest Lecturer at Oregon State University and Seattle University School of Law. For current presentations and workshops, go to Joy's Speaking Engagements page .

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  • ​​​​​Professional Consulting Services and guidance regarding the wide spectrum of issues related to the industrial hemp and legal Cannabis market industries and Cannabis law and policy compliance. Among many functions, this includes providing factual, accurate and current information; strategic planning; conducting research and factual investigations; providing written memoranda and reports, and assistance with drafting of documents and agreements related to the exploration and execution of industry endeavors. The curious legal status of cannabidiol (CBD) and all hemp-derived phytocannabinoids is a specialization of Hemp Ace International.

  • Senior Paralegal & Expert Witness Services, including written reports and testimony, preparation of work product for legal counsel, strategic planning with legal counsel, factual investigations, and interface and coordination with government agencies, other authorities, and professional service providers and other agents. Joy's vast experience working with some of the busiest and finest attorneys in the country can save your company tens of thousands of dollars by using Joy to distill and index documents and data for submission and liaison with your attorney(s). Note that Hemp Ace International's specific Paralegal-Consulting Agreements include a provision to protect the attorney-client privilege to the extent allowed by law given the sensitive and confidential nature of the paralegal relationship with legal counsel.

  • Networking and potential strategic partner introductions as appropriate with Joy's extensive domestic and international industrial hemp and legal Cannabis market network of experts, agrologists, processors, suppliers, manufacturers, breeders, farmers and beyond. 

  • Education, ​presentation, representation, and advocacy at conferences, seminars, events, business meetings, and interface with lawmakers and regulators. Private and group online and in-person instruction services.  
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HOW JOY WORKS: While Joy's primary clients hire her on a monthly retainer basis, she receives inquiries throughout the day via phone, email and social media from around the globe. This is the most exciting time in the known history of human evolution to be involved in industrial hemp and all forms of Cannabis; and Joy - like her rare counterpart colleagues across the world - is balancing her vigorous professional, activist, writing, speaking, and family obligations. In order to manage these obligations, her pro bono services (which comprise approximately 50% of her work) are considered exclusively for State departments of agriculture, lawmakers, regulators, institutions of higher education, and North American Indigenous Nations.

Joy sets aside a limited amount of time each week to make herself available to schedule ​30 minute and one hour advisory sessions via phone, VoIP, or video conference. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Joy, purchase the session securely online using the buttons at the right of this page. You will be contacted within 48 hours of payment to complete scheduling. Please be sure to form your thoughts as best you can and have your questions ready so that you can make the most of your session with Joy once it is scheduled!   

Monthly Retainer Relationships: If you are interested in hiring Joy on a monthly retainer basis, please submit the form at right hand side of this page. Hemp Ace International is only able to consider monthly retainer clients who are also engaged with, or are prepared to engage with, appropriate legal counsel; and Joy is happy to provide referrals. Please note there is an Consultation Fee of $160.00. for a 30-minute consultation. You will be automatically directed to the payment page after submitting the form.       

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